Living in the Palm Springs/ Coachella Valley and the sister cities of Rancho Mirage, Palm Desert, Indian Wells, Indio, and beyond is its undying love affair with water features.  With summer temperatures, over 100 degrees and the other seasons resting between 75 – 90, an essential need when looking at homes is a pool. Do you want a home with a pool? Or a country club development where homeowners’ fees take care of the maintenance? How about a condo pool? To take the guess work out of these questions, here are John Sloan Real Estate Group’s thoughts.


1.       Living in the Coachella Valley and the greater Palm Springs area, a pool can increase value to the house. On The Balance, a website helping readers manage personal finances, they quote the U.S. Public Safety Commission that the country’s most popular states for homes with a pool are no surprise. They consist of California, Arizona, and Florida. The National Association of Realtors says an in-ground pool will add almost more than 7% value to the residence. On the Coldwell Banker blog called Blue Matter, they reiterate that warmer markets are seeing a $15,000-$20,000 increase in selling price for homes with pools, but agents in more seasonal markets find homes with pools often take longer to sell as you’re waiting for the right person.


2. editor, Mat Jobe, says, “There’s less hassle. Building a pool is hard work. From deciding what you want, to finding a dependable contractor, to keeping on top of things as installation proceeds, the process can be overwhelming. Sure, some people enjoy this “journey.” For everyone else, there’s something to be said for skipping to the end product.”




3.       The expense goes way beyond the water and frolicking. There are higher insurance costs and repairs that inevitably will come. However, the interior design site, advocates, “Having a pool is especially good for children, who’ll love to spend time relaxing and playing around it. Besides, did you forget that we all get childish for the magic of late night swimming, with some pleasant music and sky full of shiny stars? It is an entirely justifiable level of childish.”


4.       “It’s also about privacy,” said John Sloan Real Estate Group’s CEO, John Sloan. “Let’s face it at 9:30 or 10:30 pm you might want to skinny dip. You can’t do that in a community or an association pool. You might get arrested.”


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