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The (Second) Most Expensive Residence in the World:

It’s no surprise that the Queen of England lives in the world’s most expensive residence, Buckingham Palace (US$1.56 billion). The royal home contains nearly 830,000 square feet of space and priceless art and antiquities. Unpredictably, the second most expensive is located in Mumbai, India. Built by richest family in India (and for a brief time the wealthiest man alive, businessman Mukesh Ambani), the single-family home sits on land worth US$25 million. Technically, the private home stands 60 stories high but with double height ceilings for most floors, one counts 27. Covered by Vanity Fair when the home was completed, Nita Ambani, a philanthropist, detailed the 400, 000 square foot abode comes with a garage for 168 cars, three helipads – just in case you and your friends arrive on separate flights -- a 50-seat theater and 9 elevators.  


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World’s Biggest Private Pool

They say that everything is bigger and better in Texas. It’s certainly true regarding the private pool on an estate in the small town of El Campo (population: 11, 602).  The biggest pool is on the market for a US$5 million. The 600,000-gallon saltwater pool is by all estimates a private resort featured on a 2-acre land parcel. It comes with a 21-foot slide, six waterfalls, and an adjustable-speed lazy river to push you along in your floaties and inner tubes. There are two hot tubs which each seat 25 – 30 people. The palm trees which border your personal water park where shipped in from Florida at approximately $300,000. Oh -- and all this comes with a 7,329-square foot 4-bedroom, 3-bathroom mansion, a 4-bedroom, 3-bath guest home, a modern barn equipped with two full apartments and a garage for your planes and autos. But that pool…


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World’s Biggest House

The official home of the Sultan of Brunei with over two million square feet is the world’s largest. According to the website “The Richest” the royal palace has 5 swimming pools, nearly 1800 rooms with 44 staircases, 257 bedrooms, 110-car garage, an air-conditioned stable for 200 polo horses, and a private mosque which can hold 1500 people.


Coachella Valley’s Most Expensive

 Rancho Mirage

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An architectural masterpiece high on a Rancho Mirage bluff, 38 Sky Ridge, priced at $16,500,000, becomes Coachella Valley area’s most expensive piece of real estate. Designed by the Palm Desert area’s award-winning area architecture firm Prest-Vuksic, the 13,800 square foot dwelling consisting of 4-bedroom, 6-baths with unprecedented views of the mountains and valley floor.  Fine art installations, a massive infinity pool, a two bed and two bath guest house and almost three acres of pristine desert landscape come in this one-of-a-kind home.