Moving can be one of the most exciting changes a person experiences in their lifetime, with the opportunity to acclimate to a new area, create the life you want and take charge of it. New space to call your own, the thrill of a new career, establishing your social circle and finding your regular hangouts - moving opens you up to a world of opportunities that otherwise might get passed by. Perhaps you’re looking to relocate for a job, or maybe you’re packing up your bags for an adventure, but whatever is calling you, let it lead you home to Palm Springs. Here are the top five reasons you should make the move to Palm Springs, California.

Affordability Compared to Other California Cities

California costs a pretty penny to live in, and it’s no surprise why, but when it comes to different cities throughout the state Palm Springs is actually one of the more affordable places to live. With an average home value of $300K compared to that of $500K in San Diego, homes are not just more affordable, but are designed for a more sustainable lifestyle. Lower cost of living means higher quality of life as you can better use your time and money to do things you enjoy. Plus, Palm Springs has all the appeal of other California staples which keeps residents happy, but can also mean waves of tourists throughout the year that are looking to soak up the desert sun. This can be a good thing for those just planning to live in Palm Springs only part of the year since you can easily transform your home into a rental property during the peak seasons in winter and summer.

Healthy, Active Lifestyles are a Priority

The beautiful year-round weather is enough reason to move to California, but this Palm Springs specifically takes advantage of nature in the best way possible. The rolling mountains and barren desert paint a picturesque backdrop for endless outdoor adventures, and the year-round warm weather encourages an active lifestyle. Hike the Araby Trail that looks out over the entire Coachella Valley - and Bob Hope’s home! Mt. San Jacinto also encompasses the beauty of Palm Springs with roughly 11 miles to hike. From the top, you can ride back down the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway to rest your legs after hiking. In addition to plenty of hiking trails, there are places to golf, bike, swim and many other active recreational favorites.

High Rated School System

Whether you have already started a family of your own, or if you have baby brain as you’re looking into the coming years, finding a neighborhood with a good school system should be a priority on your list of moving criteria. Where you decide to plant your roots can weigh on the type of future you provide for your family. Fortunately, the education system in Palm Springs creates an environment in which all school levels can thrive and it has the resources your children need for a quality education. Although the Palm Springs Unified School District covers a wide territory, this doesn’t mean classrooms are overfilled or that children aren’t given adequate attention to foster their learning. Unlike other localities where children must attend the school their neighborhood is zoned for, the Palm Springs Unified School District follows an open enrollment policy in which children can attend any school in the district, so long as there is room. This gives some flexibility to choose from the school that best suits your child, without having to worry that they will be packed into a classroom and sacrifice the quality of their learning experience.

Proximity to Other Cities

Palm Springs is centrally located near other top cities in California like San Diego, Los Angeles, and Riverside. From Palm Springs, Los Angeles and San Diego each are roughly two hours away, the perfect distance for a weekend getaway or a day trip up or down the coast. For a longer trip, Las Vegas and Phoenix are within a four to five hour drive. Palm Springs’ close proximity to tons of top destinations add to its selling factor as a place of residency. You can plant your roots in Palm Springs and take advantage of visiting neighboring towns, without having to deal with the higher living costs and larger crowds.


Inclusive and Diverse Culture


Palm Springs is truly a place for anyone and everyone to call home, even ranking as one of the most diverse places to live. Of the nearly 47,000 residents, economic status, ethnicity, education level and sexuality all tend to vary. Palm Spring is strongly inclusive and inviting of the LGBT community and is a place in which young families to retirees can enjoy residing. The variety of recreational activities, sustainable employment, quality education and affordability are just a few reasons such broad groups of residents are drawn to the area.


 The laid back attitude of city residents, plethora of outdoor excursions and year-round sunny weather may initially attract people to Palm Springs, but it’s the lifestyle that makes it home for so many people. All walks of life are welcomed, and residents have the ability to live their life to the fullest. Still thinking through the big move? Contact us to find your reason to call Palm Springs home.


Story by Haley Kieser,