" Houses of Palm Springs" Photo by Alissa Walker, Courtesy of Flickr

Our bi-weekly news report on things related to real estate from around the world, the country, and in Coachella Valley.

CNBC: Realty Check is a blog about all things real estate. With the current natural disasters, it could be much worse than previously projected.

CNN Money:  A Chinese billionaire, the same one who dropped the purchase of Dick Clark Productions,
let go of a US $600 million London deal.

Realtor.com: New homes under US $200,000 hit the market nationally – not that many – but some.

US News & World Report:  Make sure your down payment gets to the escrow office. Avoid phishing scams!

Realty Times: Before hiring a contractor for a new construction, read this handy guide.  


Aerial View of Palm Springs/ Courtesy of Flickr


Coachella Valley Local News:

The Desert Sun: Rosalie Murphy, our real estate writer, talks about which renovations make your house values go up!


Los Angeles Times: Pasadena’s "Case House No. 10" hits the market at $2.99 million.